2. April 2021 - Konkurss

NOT otsib noorte mõtteid!

Noorte omaalgatuslike ideede toetuse eesmärk on toetada organisatsiooni arengule suunatud ja noorte poolt algatatud ideede väljatöötamist ja elluviimist.

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Who are Young Eagles?

Young Eagles is a youth organization of the Defence League, whose mission is to value volunteering and offer young people the best opportunities for development and action through patriotic education. Young eagles are enterprising, decisive, independent, physically healthy youth aged 7-18 with a lot of perseverance and willpower. Our organization comprises thousands of young people, youth leaders and supporting members, and we operate in every county!

What do we offer young people?

  • You will find real friends with whom to discover Estonia and, if possible, abroad too.
  • You will spend your free time filled with exciting and adventurous activities. Come and test yourself!
  • Skills and knowledge acquired can definitely be applied both at home and at school.
  • Create a strong base for your success and values participating in the Young Eagles organization!

What do we offer to adults?

  • Introductory course of the Defence League youth leader
  • Free advanced training
  • Excellent community all over Estonia
  • Social network to get advice and help working with young people
  • Great events and the necessary tools to organize activities

Come and create unprecedented adventures!

If you are at least 7 years old and want active and adventurous activities, then Young Eagles are just for you!


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