Who are Noored Kotkad?

The Noored Kotkad is an all-Estonian voluntary youth organization established on May 27, 1930, operating on the basis of the Defence League Act, which can include young men aged 7-18. The activities of the Noored Kotkad focus mainly on six areas. Most attention is paid to hiking wisdom and national defence, and then to everyday security. In addition, we improve knowledge of history that youth have, deepen their understanding of civic education and develop their physical abilities. The most common activities are walks in nature, camps, study days, excursions and competitions. Among other things, noorkotkad are brave survivors in nature, good shooting athletes and the boys know how to apply the knowledge and values they have learned in everyday life!


Our mission is to value volunteering and offer young people the best opportunities for development and action through patriotic education.


Every young person welcomes the opportunity to contribute to national defence!

What do we offer young people?

  • You will find real friends with whom to discover Estonia and, if possible, abroad too.
  • You will spend your free time filled with exciting and adventurous activities. Come and test yourself!
  • Skills and knowledge acquired can definitely be applied both at home and at school.
  • Create a strong base for your success and values participating in the Noored Kotkad organization!